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We provide a range of creative and production services. Creating solutions in challenging environments and scenarios with award winning results

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Production Services

We provide a turnkey service, covering every element of the production process from creative concept through to final delivery. Pre-production is critical to the success of any project, but so also is the element of spontaneity and adaptability within the production crew and schedule. From previous experience working in diverse and challenging communities across the world, the unexpected often provides a magical element which can set a film apart.

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From original music score bespoke to a production, to seamlessly integrating atmospheric audio recorded on location with musical soundtracks, we carefully weave a subtle but powerful layer to narrative that will generate a greater impact to our work. We have over 20 years experience producing audio for radio, film, TV, advertising, commercial music production, live sound and educational products.


We believe our best creative solutions and project ideas stem from the diverse experiences we’ve had and our ability to connect, utilise and evolve them into something new.